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Since moving to Tennessee, I was looking for a house that had everything I wanted, but wasn't too big. When I found a piece of land with an existing foundation, with the help of my aging father I drew out ideas and then began the search for a home builder who could take our rough drawing and make it a reality. After approaching numerous builders in the area, Richardson Construction was the only firm who reached back immediately and set a meeting to discuss. I was not building a huge, nor overly expensive home - but it was going to be my home.


Within seven months of approving the plans (and during COVID no less), I was living in my home. The entire Richardson Construction family (and they treat you like family too), were more than a pleasure to work with. I had some unique ideas, and the team not only took them on, but made suggestions to make them even better. The attention to detail from the entire team and every single subcontractors was amazing.


As I write this from my home office, having just had the Richardson crew out to the house to see it in its finished glory, I can say unabashedly - I would highly recommend them, and to be honest, I'm a bit sad the job is finished. Some say building a house will be one's most frustrating and difficult experiences one will ever have. Working with Richardson was the exact opposite. I'm ready to build again!


Thank you, and God bless,


Judy P.



In 2019, we decided to build a home in the Maryville area.  After much research we decided to use Richardson Construction.   Best thing we could have done.


After the initial builders meeting, we were a little over budget and Chester found a way to meet our needs and still keep us within our budgetary plans.


From the get go the entire process was quick, easy and an overall pleasant experience.


They not only build the home of our dreams they also guided us to quality vendors and landscapers.


The entire project was finished in a timely fashion and the quality was superb.


The entire staff worked in a friendly and efficient manner.  During the entire process the job site was always clean and neat.  The building crews were helpful as well as friendly.  No question went unanswered and our few problems were solved in a timely fashion.   We highly recommend Richardson Construction, if you want a quality custom built home.


We could not be happier.


Paige and Randy Hunt



My first meeting with Chester Richardson was during a walk-through of a home I was considering purchasing.  As we walked around and discussed my thoughts and ideas, he shared his opinion and offered options I hadn’t considered.  From that interaction I knew Chester was a man I could trust to bring my vision to reality.

Soon after purchasing the home, we met again at his office.  While technically a remodel, we were planning to gut the home and basically rebuild.  Visiting with Chester and his staff made me feel as if everyone was on the same page from the beginning and that feeling never changed.


Working with various members of his staff was a pleasure.  The foreman on my project was Brad Teaster and he was phenomenal!  Brad, Chester, Josh and April were always available to answer questions and kept me up-to-date with daily progress reports.


There is absolutely no better feeling than working with people you trust, people of integrity and genuinely good people.  On top of that, their craftsmanship is without comparison.  My mountain home is more than I ever dreamed possible and that is 100% due to Chester Richardson and the outstanding individuals at Richardson Construction.

I have no reservation in offering my endorsement of Richardson Construction.


Donna Thomas



To Chester and everyone at Richardson Construction;


We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with our new home and how pleased we are with everyone we dealt with at your company.  People always say building a home is terribly stressful but for us, you made the experience a true pleasure.  From the very beginning of our project it was obvious how much everyone cared about getting it right.


You always hear, “take the builder’s estimate and add 20%”.  With Richardson Construction our cost was actually lower than the estimate excluding a few very expensive items we decided to add during construction.  Our home estimate included high quality construction and beautiful high end finishings resulting in nothing but compliments from everyone who sees it.  We can’t thank you enough for your willingness to work with us and come up with solutions when things weren’t exactly as we wanted. From Josh redesigning spaces and keeping up with costs, Johnny building our beautiful deck and a million other things, Daniel taking the time to listen to concerns even though he knew exactly what he was doing, Chester moving ceiling beams in the living room that he felt weren’t quite right, April working with us to provide beautiful cabinets, and Brad taking care of all the finishing touches we appreciate all of you. In the end you built us the perfect home and we honestly wouldn’t change a thing.


That being said the heart and soul of a company is its people and we can’t say enough about the skill, professionalism, and integrity of every individual we worked with. You just know when you are dealing with good people and Richardson Construction has good people. We enjoyed our time in the office on both a professional and personal level. Hopefully our visits which probably caused less productive work days as they frequently turned into everyone sharing personal stories, showed how much we admire each of you as individuals. They will be missed.  Without exception everyone was a joy to work with and your commitment to perfection has given us a spectacular home.


Please feel free to have any perspective clients contact us if they would like to talk about our experience.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Andy and Lisa Walburg



We just wanted to say to all of you.  Thank you for the awesome job and care of

creating our new home.  It suits that property so well, and you all have done an outstanding job!  We appreciate

everything, and all of the hard work you put in to it. Each and everyone of you.  You all are very good at what you do, and very professional people. It has been a real pleasure and a blessing to have you build our home! Thanks to your whole team! April, you are so awesome...thanks for the help with design!! Chester, Brad, Josh you guys are exceptional!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for your design the beams too.  We love our home. We are grateful and each of you are so gifted in what you do!!!


Roger and Rebecca W.





As our little project winds down, I wanted to say a few things about it.


I have worked with four different contractors over the past 40 years, and I must say that you, Keith and everyone else stand as an example of "Excellence" in your field.


You said early on that "we'll do it right, or not at all".  I accepted that at the time, but the little red guy on my shoulder was whispering in my ear "yeah...right".  You proved him to be a fool.  Your suggestions and recommendations were "spot on" throughout the job.


There were other "little things" that did not go unnoticed.  The mailbox post being replaced....rock wall repairs along the driveway....replacing a fallen stone on the wall to the deck out back.  These small touches show an attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, that is very difficult to find anywhere.


I understand the difficulty of working smaller jobs like ours versus a total home construction.  I do appreciate the level of attention your team gave to this project.  If I had a home to build now, I would not hesitate at all in tracking you down to take that on.


I also want to give specific "kudos" to Keith for his work on this job.  He always communicated promptly, and clearly.  He really kept the ball rolling for us.


Thank you doesn't say it enough.


David & Adria Herrmann



From the first time we met with Chester and his crew, as we started getting ideas together for our new house, we felt Richardson Construction added a personal touch that we did not see or feel with other construction companies we dealt with. Not only did we see this in our initial meeting, but all throughout the build process. One other major focus for us was ensuring that we stayed on budget, which again we saw as a priority for Chester and his team as well. We saw this each step of the way, which gave us a great comfort level that we would stay on budget. And, finally, working with Chester’s employees was nothing but a pleasure; they really helped us feel at home in our first custom home build. We will continue to recommend Richardson Construction for anyone who is looking for a trustworthy builder!


We appreciate all you did for us and we really have been enjoying our home.


Peter and Sharon S.



"We interviewed several builders in our search for a general contractor to build our dream home the Nantahala Cottage. We instantly discovered working with your team and vendors demonstrated your commitment to value and quality. Your team was very professional, personable and provided advice and guidance. The project manager George Schaefer always found time to answer questions and frequently met with us on weekends to accommodate my busy schedule.


The excellent workmanship is apparent throughout the home and the special features we wanted were reinforced and made possible. The whiskey barrel vanity surpassed our expectations; it is the source of amusing comments and conversations from visitors. Your subcontractors were respectable and frequently went above and beyond to answer questions and provide assistance. The painters were artists and delivered the finishing touches that brought everything together to enable our vision.


Working with your office personnel was pleasant and the location provided a relaxing atmosphere to conduct meetings and meet with vendors. Your commitment to our budget was demonstrated numerous times with options and strategies to keep cost contained without sacrificing quality. Charlie Ewing provided up to date reports and explained items in detail when needed.


We are delighted with our new Richardson Home. Thank you for your dedication and commitment in constructing our dream and making the process a friendly and learning experience. The follow-up work has been timely and guaranteed. Our home is unique and the quality is apparent in the materials used and the high-energy efficiency. We gladly recommend your company to our friends and acquaintances."




Dennis & Sandy Horton



"We fell in love with this part of God’s country some 15-20 years ago. When we decided to purchase some land, it was more like the land was looking for us. After several years of preparing the land for the ultimate building site, we interviewed several contractors. Our decision to select Chester Richardson came after much research on his construction reputation and personal interviews, which were more like getting to know a new friend. Chester was very much hands on from the moment we met him. Encouraging us to visit his completed projects, in addition, helped us make the decision to go with Richardson Construction for our Tennessee Home. As with any project of this degree/size there are always challenges, our main trials were the building site and that we lived out of state. Fortunately, Chester Richardson, Keith Shepherd and Daniel Caines have had experience in both subjects. We did run into some roadblocks along the way, but luckily the knowledge and understanding by Richardson Construction provided the solutions to complete the tasks. We also wish to acknowledge the expertise of April Anderson, a vital team member of Richardson Construction. Through her experience and creativity with her guidance, we were able to stay on budget for the cabinets throughout the house, including the kitchen, bathrooms and utility room. Just one or two meetings with April, and she knew our style and needs! We continued to be confident that our decision to choose Richardson Construction was the right decision. Throughout the process with the many challenges of the building site, the weather and that we lived out of the state, Richardson Construction proved many times that our decision to select them was the right one. In addition, working with the many contractors was pleasant and enlightening. We have learned valuable information concerning the building and maintenance of our home. After the completion of the house, we have been very appreciative to the attentiveness of the punch list by Johnny Davis. We now have a beautiful home and several new friends!"



"I am pleased with the outcome and I appreciate the timely completion of the work. Additionally, it was unusually pleasing to see no evidence of workmen having been there other than the fact that the work was done. I would have no problem recommending Richardson Construction to others."


Becky L. Gay



"In 2015 Richardson Construction completed a major renovation/construction project at our home that included renovating portions of our existing kitchen, master bath and closets and adding a new addition to our home. This was a complex project and we were very pleased with the their work. Their entire staff, from owner, supervisor to construction crew, were friendly and very easy to deal with and everything was completed in a good and workmanlike manner. We particularly liked the fact that bills were itemized and supported by appropriate documentation so that we were able to monitor our costs throughout the project. They have also been good to follow up on completing small, “punch list” items that always occur on a project of this type. We would certainly recommend them to anyone  considering a home construction/renovation."


"We are most fortunate in having recently built a beautiful retirement home in Maryville, Tennessee. In considering a general contractor to build our custom home, we were looking for three qualities: competence, professionalism, and integrity. After interviewing several builders, we knew we had found the right group in Richardson Construction. The professionalism and respect demonstrated by the team to us and to one another led us to know this was the right choice. Every custom home is unique and throughout the design and budget phase of the project, Chester and his team worked with us to insure our choices would result in the home we could live in forever. As we progressed through the actual construction the team continued with excellent results, communication and support. Any changes or new ideas were implemented seamlessly into the original plans. Our supervisor, George Schaefer, was a great listener and very responsive to all our concerns. When problems did arise (and some always do in a custom home), solutions were found quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. The entire organization repeatedly expressed the idea that they wanted to build us the home we really wanted. And that is exactly what they did!"


Melanie and Bill Ribble



"Richardson Construction goes out of their way to ensure the customer is satisfied and happy. These professionals are with you each step of the way, and never fail to deliver first class, quality work."


"My husband and myself researched builders and met with a few of these builders.  We chose Richardson Construction because of their portfolio, construction site visits and visiting with the company members.  My husband, the engineer, was impressed with the answers to his numerous questions about the construction of our log home.  These answers told us that quality, budget, and our design preferences would always be the company's goal before, during, and after the construction process.  The company had a list of numerous businesses that are knowledgeable and honest regarding any choices that we made during the building process.  They would tell us if a choice was outstanding, might need to be rethought, or just would not work at all for our design preferences.  Each of these individual business were very easy to work with, even when making changes.  They wanted us, the customer, to be elated with our choices. When we visited our construction site,  Chester Richardson made every effort to be there to walk us through and answer our questions.  If he couldn't answer the question, he deferred to his foreman for the answers without hesitation.  The crewmen greeted us and would also answer any questions that we had.  Building any home can be very stressful.  Richardson Construction made every effort to make our building experience as enjoyable as possible because of great communication through emails, phone calls, and Builder  Richardson Construction is personable and friendly, but most of all honest!  My husband and I are proud to tell everyone that Richardson Construction is the one to build your next home!  Thank-you Chester, George, Daniel, Charlie, April, and  Cindy for an outstanding building experience."


Bob and Sara Bishop

Kinzel Springs



"It is an honor to recommend Richardson Construction.  There are many reasons for this recommendation -- the most important:  on time, on budget!  The home that Richardson Construction built for us truly exceeded our expectations.  We are very thankful that we chose them for our new home construction.


The folks at Richardson Construction do a wonderful job of listening to your ideas and helping you implement them in a cost effective manner.  Chester is well known for keeping to his word and staying within his estimated budget.  Dan and Keith, the project managers for our home's construction, did an excellent job of keeping us informed of progress and ensured that any issues encountered were addressed quickly.  They always made us feel like our project was a priority and were always available by phone or text.


Many of our neighbors suggested that we do not move into our home until all of the items on our "punch list" were addressed.  They indicated that we would no longer be a priority for the builder once we moved in.  This is certainly not true in the case of Richardson Construction -- we received the same level of care and attention after we moved in.


If you are planning a construction project, we highly suggest scheduling a meeting with Chester and his staff -- it will be well worth your time."


- Riley and Kathryn Bland -



"I enjoyed working with your employees. I am pleased with all of the work performed.

Thanks to you, Keith, Bill, Dennis and the painters the job was well done. Thanks to your timely completion of the job my 90 year old sister in law, her children, and my grandson and his family will begin the cabin next week."


Dr. Eaddy



We just wanted to send you a note thanking you and your team for a delightful home building experience.


This was our 3rd time having a custom home built from scratch and absolutely hands down the best one. As with any major project, there are a lot of moving parts and we were braced for the inevitable issues or misunderstandings. I have to say that there were far fewer of these than we expected. In every instance your team responded immediately and resolved things to our satisfaction. In fact we were impressed on how diligent everyone was to make sure our expectations were met and often exceeded.


Additionally, we are very happy with the modifications we envisioned and you designed into our home. Past builders were difficult to deal with and reluctant to deviate from standard plans. Again your team stepped up with good understanding of our requirements and great willingness to make changes to meet our needs.


We appreciate your dedication to building high quality custom homes and understanding customer satisfaction is a number one priority. That goal is clearly understood by your entire team. Everyone we worked with and especially Keith Shepherd has gone out of there way to make sure we are happy with the home.


We will definitely recommend you as the builder of choice to anyone looking for a quality custom home in the area.




Phil and Pat Walker



In June of 2014 we were in the market to add a 3 car garage with storage above to our house we purchased in Townsend that did not have one. I had an estimate from the builder who built the house that I thought was quite high. I knew Chester as he had completed a very small project for us a couple years ago. I met with Chester to discuss what we wanted. I was impressed with his attention to details I had not thought of. His estimate came back a little higher than the other one but it was more detailed and very specific and I just had a feeling Chester was the right choice. My wife and I had a couple concerns from previous construction projects and other contractors. Staying within budget, matching the style of the existing house and the job being completed in a timely manner. Chester assured me he could do it with in the estimate, match the house and it would be done on time weather permitting of course.


Well, Richardson Constructions moto of "Building Higher Expectations" describes perfectly what we got. The Garage we have is way more than we expected but exactly what we wanted. We were amazed as the project progressed. My wife and I were extremely concerned the budget was going to blow up but it actually came in on budget. Workers were there as promised and communication was great. Chester and his managers were very involved in the process and kept us updated.


We would use Richardson Construction again and they would be the first company we would recommend to anyone


Kevin and Anne Daggett

Townsend TN



Around the year 2000, we purchased our dream property in Laurel Valley where we wanted to build our retirement home. In 2013, after meeting with more than eight builders and doing an incredible amount of research, we hired Chester Richardson. As part of our research, we actually met with homeowners and physically inspected homes built by Richardson Construction. Our decision to hire Chester was mainly due to the quality of his construction, and his attention to detail.


Entrusting Chester to manage our construction turned out to be the right decision. The construction ran extremely smooth because of the knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by everyone on his team. Chester is one of the most competent, loyal and reliable builders I have had the privilege of working with. During the process, we came to rely on Chester’s keen insight and judgment any time a potential issue arose. A truly committed professional with an innovative spirit who is results oriented and at all times is driven towards excellence. He is an extremely knowledgeable individual who can easily grasp difficult problems and craft sensible solutions. Chester has proven to be an intelligent, thoughtful and consummate professional.


Due largely to Chester and others on his team, we are proud to say that as of July, 2014, we have a very well built beautiful home in the mountains. We are very proud to call Chester a friend, and most valued and trusted professional resource. We were blessed to work with him and thank him for his dedicated service. We wish him much success in the future.


George & Kelly Navarro



My wife and I had been renting an apartment for a year when we started discussing an upgrade. We felt like renting was throwing money away and begin looking at houses as result. While we've known Chester Richardson and his family for years, it never occurred to us that building a house would be feasible for us financially. There's a notion that's associated with building a custom home that it's only for the rich. After initially inquiring with Chester about this, we determined that we could build a home within our budget and design things the way we had in mind. They made this process that would normally be stressful not only easy, but exciting. We were able to be hands-on yet never had to do any of the leg work. They contacted all the sub-contractors and were there to meet with various inspectors, only calling us when there was a decision they needed our input on. Keith did an outstanding job as Project Manager, as did Adam, Johnny, Jeremy, Cindy, and countless others. If you want to support a business that operates with integrity and does the highest quality work around, call Richardson Construction. You won't regret it.


Josh and Codi Hepperly



When we first met Chester, he listened carefully to what we were looking for in our home and even provided suggestions on how to improve the plans, given his personal experience and his network of professionals that he works with in Eastern Tennessee.  The team was always professional and the quotes were clear and backed up with a year of ensuring that all upgrades continued to operate as installed.  His project managers were very responsive and ensured work was being completed or quickly followed up with the various contractors to get the project moving.  One time, a window was ordered that was too small.  Chester and his team took responsibility for it and got the new one ordered with a minimum of fuss and no expenditure by me.  Another time, after a large granite counter was installed, we were happy, but upon a visit from Chester, he was able to detect a slight burr that we never noticed....and again was quickly fixed.  Chester and his team anticipated concerns so that my family and myself had minimum worries about the quality of the project or the work of his team.  Their eye for details and solid construction, was relied on and provided a terrific end result.  We are really enjoying all aspects of our home in the Smokies.


Chester and his family are an integral part of Blount County and have great respect for the vision of building a mountain community based on high quality construction that families can enjoy for generations.


Whitney Erickson



In 2013, the Richardson Construction Co. built a 2-car garage for us. While a basic job, the company expertly matched this new construction to our existing home's style, roof, and siding. The job was completed on time and on budget despite some changes requested before and during the project. All of the men that worked on the job were skilled and easy to work with.


Betsy and Robert Smith



While looking for a home in Tennessee we happened across "the perfect spot" for the house we had always dreamed of owning one day. Now we just needed to get a house onto it. Richardson Construction came highly recommended, so we scheduled a visit with Chester and his team.


They helped us understand our build site, and the sort of house that it could hold, and then patiently worked through several revisions of the plans with us as we modified it to fit both the lot and our vision for our dream home.


From the day the build began, until the day we moved in, Chester and his team responded to our requests and kept us up to date on the latest status of our build. Everyone involved in the process was exceptionally nice to us, and we were given a good deal of access to the site through most of the build, which gave us a real feeling of inclusion in the process of constructing our home.


You hear people talk about building their home and how miserable the process was for them. We can't imagine anything worse than investing in your dream home and feeling drained and defeated when it's done.


Even with schedule delays from weather and the occasional need to revisit a few things to get them just the way we wanted, our build left us feeling great about our decision to construct a new home. I'm not sure you could put a price on that feeling, and luckily you don't have to: that's just the way business is done at Richardson Construction.


Ami Davis & Travis Heldibridle



We recently contracted with Chester Richardson Construction Company to completely remodel our kitchen in a very old house (built 1920s) in Maryville’s Historical District.  They were patient with our slow decision making process, and the crew was competent as well as respectful. Their quality craftsmanship completely revolutionized the image of our home.  They were even kind to our obnoxious pets.  I would recommend Chester and his crew without reservation for all of your construction needs.


Terry L. Simpson



It is with pleasure and without reservations that this letter of recommendation is provided for Richardson Construction and its owner, Chester Richardson. My relationship with Chester began during my search for a great piece of property to build on.  After talking with others, I found Chester was quickly becoming known for quality workmanship, honesty, and conscientiousness. He immediately expressed an honest willingness to let me actively participate in the entire building process.


I found the entire process to be what it should be, enjoyable and exciting time building the house of my dreams. He supplied timely and useful information regarding selection decisions, provided unprompted updates on a frequent basis, and has been respectful of my desires, all while keeping the project on budget.

Chester Richardson at all times has acted in a professional manner that has affirmed my original decision to build with him. I fully believe he will keep his “young and upcoming” attitude, commitment to quality, and customer service as he continues to build his reputation as a premier custom home builder.


Tana Sammons



It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Chester Richardson and Richardson Construction Company.  I own an old cabin in the Townsend area and wanted to make some renovations.  Due to the age of the structure these changes presented challenges.  Mr. Richardson offered solutions to accomplish our desired changes, most of which we would not have thought of ourselves.  As with most structures of this age nature the likelihood for unforeseen conditions made cost estimating difficult.  My cost estimate is very understandable and represented the legitimate cost of the job. The work was done within the projected period of time, the cost remained in budget, and most importantly the quality of work was outstanding.  I would not hesitate to use Chester Richardson again and recommend him as an outstanding contractor.


Michael Edwards



My wife and I are delighted to have chosen Chester Richardson to build our mountain dream home. If you have ever built a home before, then you know it is rare to be good friends with your contractor after the project is finished. Chester's attention to detail and willingness to accommodate our last minute changes produced a "turn-key" home that turned out better than we had expected. My craftsmen friends are impressed with the level of professionalism in the build quality and attention to finish details, as are my wife and I. Chester's professional and accommodating attitude during the build process helped us avoid a lot of stress and also helped us save money on parts of the project. I would be happy to talk with anyone who is considering using Richardson Construction and highly recommend his services.


Charles and Kathy Garvey



My wife and I are recent retirees and were planning to build a home near the beautiful Smoky Mts. We were looking for a builder with experience, creative ideas and one that could work within our budget. We found all three with Richardson Construction.

From the first meeting, we knew we had found a builder that we could trust. Working closely with Chester Richardson, the owner, and his knowledgeable managers and staff, we saw our home take shape. We were impressed with the quality of the work from plumbing to electric to stonework and beyond.

Richardson Construction worked closely with us on a daily basis.

We were kept abreast of progress and spending. Even now with the house finished, Richardson Construction stays in touch to make sure we are satisfied.

You can't go wrong with the fine crew at Richardson Construction for your building needs, be it a new home or remodeling. We are thrilled with our new home!


John and Alice Sheffield



When we first checked with Chester about building the house we wanted, he took our ideas, showed us some more ideas, made many suggestions, and we now have a house that we love and works well for us!  Many visitors have commented on the details and uniqueness of the house along with the quality of how everything was built. It was obvious to us that Chester was only interested in employing people that were willing to do outstanding, detailed work. The entire company was interested in being creative and implementing the design features that we were hoping to incorporate.  At every phase of the process, the quality of the product exceeded our expectations.  We had control over how much we spent, and could add to or reduce the amounts spent during the whole time of selecting and building. The folks in his company are all friendly, hard-working, and excellent at what they do. If we ever build another house, it will be with Chester Richardson and his company!


Roy and June Holder



Chester, thank you so much for your expertise and attention to detail in constructing our new home on a mountain outside Townsend.

I have used contractors to build four new homes in my lifetime, and working with Richardson Construction, LLC to build my most recent home was by far the most pleasant experience of the four.

Your workers were very competent and always helpful.  You were easy to get in touch with throughout the design and construction process and always ready to answer my questions.  You stayed on top of costs so that there were no surprises along the way.

Marsha and I appreciate the job you and your workers did in building our home, and we are very happy with how everything was handled at each step.  We would be happy to serve as a reference and talk with any prospective customer that wishes to talk with us.  Thanks again.


Carl M. Bennett



Richardson Construction's success is based not only on their commitment to quality workmanship, but also on their commitment to the customer. The crew's professional craftsmanship and attention to detail result in quality remodeling, home additions or new construction. Chester Richardson's attitude of "customer first", his accessibility to the client, and his on-site involvement helps reduce the worries and concerns that most homeowners experience during the construction process. As a recent client of Richardson Construction, I was very pleased with the construction of my home addition and, more importantly, with how I was treated as a client.


Janet McKinley



Richardson Construction proved to be the right choice for building our highly customized log home.  We lived 250 miles away from our property during construction, and we recognized that picking the right contractor would be tremendously important.  Meeting Chester Richardson turned out to be a blessing.  His attention to detail, communication skills, craftsmanship, and commitment to excellence exceeded our expectations--the perfect fit for our situation.

We've built numerous residences over the years, and this project marked the most enjoyable experience that we've had in working with contractors.

We highly recommended Richardson Construction for one's building needs.


Don and Susie Denton



Our vision was that of a getaway “mountain” house on the property that would always be a happy place for friends and family to enjoy and be blessed.  As these kind of opened doors so often work, the party from whom we bought the property and neighbors-to-be suggested before we did anything to check out Chester Richardson and Richardson Construction.

What a find!  Chester and his employees and subs, with our having multiple custom built houses over the years, are the very best.  The building “process” as Chester terms it was so seamless and worry-free.  Expert knowledge, commitment to quality, open and timely communication, and personal attention were applied to every aspect.  Every visitor or guest to the house has been struck by its warmth and beauty and has thoroughly fallen in love with the place and setting.  And, all continue to enjoy special times and build up more great memories in this place.

We are ever grateful for having been led to Chester and Richardson Construction.  As a practicing engineer and amateur builder, be assured one of us is qualified to assess the technical aspects of the completed work but most importantly as a husband and wife who see how everything works together we are awed and are never without the feeling of gratefulness and appreciation for Chester and our paths crossing.


George & Susan Cooper



My wife and I cannot thank you and your company enough for the outstanding job in the construction of our home.


Since our primary residence is in south Florida we especially want to thank you for making this long distance venture so easy for us. Great attention was paid to every detail and as we had a quite considerable amount of upgrades - this shows great pride in workmanship from all members of your crew. All of you were so easy and considerate to work with - I don't know when I've dealt with a more reputable company. As is always the case in new construction there was a punch list however it was very small in number and your company took care of everything on it in professional and timely manner.


We are thrilled with every aspect of our new home and all who have seen it love it. Should we ever build another home in this area we would not even consider any contractor other than Richardson Construction. Please feel free to use us as a referral to any future clients.


Thank you so much...


Albert S. Burks



Our renovation was prompted by a much needed foundation repair for our mid-70’s home.  Using an architect, we took the opportunity to plan the addition of a master bedroom suite and sunroom and make some significant modifications to much of our existing home.  Meeting Chester Richardson, we felt immediately comfortable – he is approachable, friendly and responsive.  It was clear that he would have an eye towards minimizing our costs, yet maximizing the value and quality of the work and materials.  Richardson Construction made the engineered foundation repairs and added our new spaces.

Chester was always straightforward with his advice on our materials choices and with the many potential changes to the original plan that had to be considered.  His crew was professional, prompt and courteous.  They were also very considerate of the fact that we were living in the home with two young children throughout the renovation, minimizing the amount of time that we had to move everyone to other areas of the house, especially for our children.  Chester told us several times that his goal was our high satisfaction with the work and new space.  He achieved that goal – we couldn’t be happier with our new space and the quality of RC’s work.  If you want a contractor who strives for integrity, quality, and good communications, we recommend Richardson Construction.


Berani and Mary Halley



















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